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Village Contacts

Phone: (815) 827-3309

Police Department

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Chief Mike Acosta
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Phone: (815) 827-3286

Maple Park Fire Department

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Chief Kevin Peterson
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Phone: (815) 827-3500
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1. Security deposits for pavilion, kitchen and gym rentals will be required in the amount of $100.00. A separate check from rent to be made payable to the Village of Maple Park. Security check, if not used, will be shredded unless issuing parties want to pick it up.
2. Cleaning fee is not refundable.
3. Facility must be left in the same condition as was presented to renter.
4. Liquor is not allowed on any Village Property without a permit.
5. ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD or beverages are allowed in the Gym!!
6. ABSOLUTELY no gum is to be chewed by ANYONE anywhere in the building!
7. No smoking allowed in buildings.
8. Leagues must show proof of liability insurance.


In some instances Police presence may be required. If so an hourly rate at time and a half will be paid by the renter in addition to the above fees.
This requirement will be at the discretion of the Village.
Reservation for facility or questions can be addressed by calling the Village Clerk Liz Peerboom 815-827-3309.

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